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In this website all of Kennel Vapours' dogs and their respective pedigree is presented. You are also able to find amongst many other things information about when new litters is on its way, and a beautiful picture gallery.

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Me (Anna Barman) and my sister Eva Lemberg (kennel Henevaz) have always had a great interest in dogs. As kids we managed to pursuade our parents to buy us a dog, a wonderful boxer, which we named Tina.

In the spring of 1987 I purchased my first dog, a labrador retriever, Mimmi, who got a friend of another labrador Lina the following autumn.

Lina was the first dog with whom I got litters. She gave birth to three out of seven of my labrador litters.

My first Saluki, Gafsan, arrived in our house in a beautiful winter day in 1993, and in 1996 she gave birth to my first Saluki litter. I kept one of those puppies for myself, a strong beatiful maleFigaro. In 1998 he became that years Lure-Coursing-Saluki. Figaro is also the father to my second Saluki litter, togather with the bitch Ronya. Ronya came to us in 1998 and also became the Lure-Coursing-Saluki in the year of 2000. From that litter, born in the year of 2000, I kept a wonderful dog Indiana.